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The Gradidge company was founded in 1870 by Harry Gradidge.

He was joined by his sons later on and the company became known as H. Gradidge & Sons.

The company specialised in the manufacture and distribution of cricket bats and was renowned for their quality and expertise in producing some of the finest bats of the time. Their most famous player was Len Hutton (England and Yorkshire), who made 364 against Australia in 1938 at the Oval.

The company dabbled in most anything sporting related and would even outfit teams with all their sporting needs. A price list from 1911 for local football teams showed that "Jerseys are from 2/-, Footballs are from 7/6 and boots from 6/6 per pair."

In 1935 Gradidges entered into the field of golf club production and at the time their products were well regarded by golfers the world over. Within a few years the brand and products had a strong following and quickly established itself on the world scene.

Their two most famous golfers were Reg Whitcombe, winner of the 1938 British Open (and runner up in 1937). The second, perhaps more famous, was Bobby Locke - four-time winner of the British Open and nine-time winner of the South African Open.

Gradidge also laid claim to being used at other notable championships such as the British Amateur, the Ladies Championship, Welsh Professional Championship and many more besides.

Gradidges became part of the Slazengers Sykes Gradidge and Ayres group of companies in the early/mid part of the 20th century.