My Golf Museum

John Riley, SR., one of England’s top amateur players, came to America in 1960 and began a career in golf equipment. Eventually it would encompass eleven examples of his revolutionary thinking.

AFTER starting his manufacturing career with Ping, John went on to form a company that would evolve into the Lynx Golf Company. There he designed a celebrated classic- The Lynx Master Model.

THEN onto another startup company, John Riley, SR. Then founded Pinseeker. During this period he designed and patented the first metal wood. A design and radical technology that has forever changed the game of golf.

IN 1980,  Riley Golf Company was formed as a family business, bringing on the next generation of club designers and revolutionizing golf club fitting.

The search for the game improvement led to John Riley JR. to use his engineering background to develop the first method of combining the personal computer with the club fitting process in 1982.

Today Riley Golf  has refined this design and fitting heritage into products like the uniquely Energy Irons and Hybrids and services like -Personal Golf - their way of delivering the best possible club to help your game.