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History of RAM Golf

RAM Golf Corporation is one of the oldest stories of the game based in suburban Chicago, has started production of golf equipment in 1940. RAM has encouraged many professional tour operators and some of the most popular clubs on the market. But he stopped after a couple of acquisitions in the early 1970’s, the production line of professional clubs, however, and the presence of the brand is no longer connected with the PGA Tour, however, RAM is still producing the most popular club and recreational players with the highest handicap.

Company debut

The company, which would RAM Golf Corporation began in 1947 in Chicago by the Hans Berger, club-making business is purchased by a customer of his tool and die operation. Hans Berger, who later with his brothers Jim, Lyle, and Bob worked, began operation again in a small garage on the west side of town. The company, known as Sportsman's Golf Course, built a variety of clubs, in particular for his signature lines Sportsman, Bristol, Kroydon. The Bristol 600 was a popular Wizard putters between professionals and amateurs in 1950 and '60.

Quick results

Sportsman's Golf RAM was in 1967 after playing the first Surlyn covered golf ball. RAM Golf Equipment became part of the range of company products. These products complement the widespread RAM XS 1000 cavity back iron that is considered a benchmark of quality have been in 1960. RAM Golf was also known for his Zebra putter. In 1975, the brothers Hans Berger sold the company Colgate-Palmolive.

Colgate-Palmolive sale

Colgate had high hopes for a serious competition in the golf and contains the name of RAM to life on the professional circuit. Under the roof of the Colgate-Palmolive RAM continues to make golf clubs popular with the direction of Hans Berger still plays in society. At the end of 1970, Colgate began selling its assets to focus more on personal care products, and sold the company back on the brothers Hans Berger in 1980.

Hans Berger second epoch

The 1980 RAM to buy the company led to an important beginning for the company's products. Jim Hans Berger as president of the company, such as system ram iron Tom Watson iron wedge of three laser-FX and FX popular laser metal wood have been huge sellers and endorsed by several professionals. RAM Golf Club Co. and Ram Tour Balls: In 1990, RAM is divided into two companies.

Ram Tour Balls was sold to Taylor Made Golf by Tommy Armour and RAM. Armour continues the RAM and made it popular with clubs from the midline, but the name recognition among the professionals to use in late 1990 began to decline.