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 George Nicoll a blacksmith by trade began the manufacture of hand forged iron heads or cleeks. Nicoll’s designs were innovative and included in 1895 a swan neck putting cleek which created the same effects a modern centre shaft putter. The designs attracted some very large orders one being placed in 1898 by the Forth Rubber Company for 10,000 clubs. Amongst Nicoll’s many staff players were 3 times winner of The Open Championship Henry Cotton, Brian Huggett, Dai Rees and Vivian Saunders. The company remained in the same family until 1982 and had distribution throughout the golfing World. The famous hand cleek mark first appeared in 1905 and is still used today at St Andrews Golf Co. Ltd. (who now own George Nicoll) during the production of George Nicoll clubs both ancient and modern.


Indicator set
George Nicoll produces the revolutionary new set of clubs called the “Indicator” series. This set was to radically change the market for clubs. They were the first matching set of irons, each was stamped on the back with the approximate distance the club should achieve thereby helping golfers with their club selection, hence the name Indicator. Each club was made with the same weight of shaft and flex something we take for granted today, but this was breakthrough thinking at the time.

George Nicoll is bought by the Swilken Golf Company of St Andrews now just the St Andrews Golf Co. and moves its operations into the town.