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The Mizuno Corporation began in 1906 when brothers Rihachi, just returned from the Russo-Japanese war, and Rizo founded Mizuno Brothers, Ltd. in Osaka, Japan. Influenced by a baseball game he had seen at the age of 18, Rihachi began by selling made-to-order uniforms. The company soon expanded into manufacturing sports equipment. Mizuno didn't enter the golf equipment market until the 1930’s, and didn't begin U.S. distribution of golf clubs until the 1980’s.


Mizuno began plans to enter the golf club market in 1921, and introduced the Star Line, the first golf clubs made in Japan, in 1933. By 1935, Mizuno expanded their golf club showroom, making it the world's largest; and by 1936, Mizuno had four golf club models on the market. It was also during this decade that Mizuno began the effort to export their equipment to the United States, as they launched a campaign opposing the 80 percent tariff proposal on imported sporting goods.

The 1960’s

Mizuno sponsored their first tournament in 1965 -- the Mizuno Tournament for New Professional Golfers, followed by the Grand Monarch Golf tournament that same year. The company also opened the world's largest golf factory in Yoro, Japan.

The 1970’s

In 1970, the company sponsored pro golfers Hisako Higuchi and Masako Sasaki to the LPGA. The Mizuno Gold Cup National Golf Tournament began in the United States that same year, followed by the first Mizuno Golf Tournament. In 1973, World Win golf clubs hit the market, and the Mizuno LPGA Japan Gold Classic began in 1975. Mizuno golf clubs were inducted into the U.S. Golf Hall of Fame in 1977, and Seve Ballesteros signed a contract to promote Mizuno equipment. American Mizuno, Inc. was founded in 1979, in Dallas, Texas.

The 1980’s

Mizuno began distributing golf clubs in the United States, including Vanguard drivers, in 1982. The company conducted golf workshops in the United States in 1983, and in 1984 became the first golf club manufacturer to offer a mobile workshop on the PGA tour in order to fit players with custom-made clubs.

The 1990’s

In 1990, Mizuno rolled out the Ti-110 and Ti-120, the world's first pure titanium clubs, and developed the Tour Simulator, a computerized training system, in 1991. That year they also signed pro golfer Nick Faldo to promote their golf line. In 1992, Mizuno introduced the Notus clubs, and began selling the T-Zoid brand of clubs worldwide in December of that year. Mizuno irons were rated No. 1 in four PGA tournament categories in 1997. Closing out the decade, Mizuno introduced the Pro 300S titanium clubs in 1999.

The 2000’s

2001 marked the eighth straight year of Mizuno's reign as the No. 1 iron in the world. Mizuno launched the MP-30 Irons in 2003, and followed this up later in the year with the introduction of the MP-37 forged irons and MP-001 woods. The new MP-32 forged iron made its appearance in 2004, the same year that "Golf Magazine" gave the Mizuno MX-23 irons its highest rating. Mizuno celebrated its one-hundredth anniversary in 2006, and continues to distribute Mizuno golf equipment in the United States from its Norcross, Georgia location.